The problem is in our concept of God. You see, you become like the god you believe in. Sadly, the voice of condemnation that you hear in your heart is neither the voice of the devil nor the voice of God; it is the voice of self-criticism. Religion has taught you that it was the voice of God, it is not.

If we are experiencing condemnation in our hearts, then we can’t help but express condemnation to the world around us. If... we feel scrutinized, we will in turn scrutinize. But if we feel love and acceptance, we will give love and acceptance.

To know God is to know love. Jesus said, “Freely, you have received, freely give” (Mat 10:8). One of the reasons people do not give the love of God freely [to others] is that they have never freely received it [personalized it for themselves. They are still trying to earn God’s love, be good enough for God’s love, feel God’s love, and/or disbelieve God’s love.]

[Many believers are out of touch with the truth], but they are also afraid to look into their hearts. They need to keep the focus outward because they are afraid of whom they will see inside. They are afraid that they will look in their hearts and find the mean, critical god they believe in. The truth is, once they get past their vain imaginations regarding Him, they will find their loving heavenly Father, the God of all mercy and comfort who loves and cherishes them.

Accepting the reality of God’s love for me delivers me from the need to find fault with others. My sense of security is now the product of a relationship with God in my heart. As I relate to God from my heart and experience the empowerment of love and acceptance, I will be more apt to model that love to others. I also will point others to God in their hearts instead of pointing to their behavior. Now I can love others instead of blame others.