The Father gave His Son; He dwelt among us full of grace and truth. You, the old man, was crucified with the Son, so that the old man—the power of sin—would be taken out of the way. You, the new man, was raised to new life indwelt by the Son. This is the greatest exchange of Christmas.

Whereas you were born fully indwelt and enslaved to sin, now, you are indwelt by the resurrected life of Christ. You are now dead to sin, and alive to God! (Rom 6:7) This is the greatest exchange ever, because, only in this way could you be born again into God’s own family with an inheritance which is imperishable and will not fade away nor be defiled.

The inheritance of the believer is Christ as our life! As we yield the self-life and instead live in dependence on the indwelling and empowering life of Christ, we have everything pertaining to life and godliness, we are blessed with every spiritual blessing, and God will manifest in us the fragrant aroma of Christ in every relationship, circumstance, aspect and areas of our lives.

Enjoy this season of giving by denying the flesh (self-life) and receiving all from the Father as a gift, as your inheritance, and as an expression of God’s good pleasure to lavish blessings of grace and truth upon you, His child!