AMT ~ Personal Transformation

This is a personal transformation class that will cause the Scriptures, to not only come alive with meaning and truth and relevance and revelation, but also intentionally equips you to share the same truths with others. Because it is imperative to equip the church to do the work of ministry, you can participate in Advanced Ministry Training for $250—a $750 savings

What You Get 

  • 27 transformational lessons that establish a rock-solid Biblical foundation for life and ministry
  • 30 simple visual illustrations that help people “see” the gospel
  • 80 hours of quality training, teaching examples, and proven ministry methods
  • 500-page manual to use in every type of ministry or class 
  • 4000+ hours of instructor experience in discipling and presenting Christ as your life 
  • 1 transformed and equipped life that can lead others to that same transformation

What You Gain

  • Proven model and method of ministry
  • A firm grip on Romans and why it is the foundation for lasting freedom and healing
  • Ministry training for anger, depression, addiction, guilt, shame, salvation, repentance, walking by faith, abuse, trauma, grief, life messages, erroneous concepts of yourself and God, forgiving others and yourself, marriage, self-harm, suicide, suffering, law versus grace, assurance, security, and avoiding passivity. 
  • Resources and assignments to share with those you are helping
  • A new confidence that comes with being equipped with the Word
  • Grounded in your identity in Christ
  • Empowered through your identification with Christ
  • Ability to live and minister the life and love of Christ in every place

Optional Training Internship Includes 

  • Three more classes to further equip and prepare for ministry.
  • A Exchanged Life Discipler's Handbook ($100 value) and training on how to use it as your ministry tool.
  • Four private sessions ($240 value) for personal ministry and further training.    
  • Opportunity to sit in on ten live sessions with a Discipler and client 
  • Meet with the Executive Director for several training-interviews. 

Advanced Ministry Training Costs

AMT 2020 Special Promotional: We are running a 75% off class this year trying to get as many people trained as possible.  So I need the prices to reflect “This year only $250 – a $750 value.)