ADA Compliance

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When the government is constantly being asked to do more with less, the Internet is playing a vital role. Allowing the government to better serve all of its citizens by publishing updates on the Internet.

The little ADA Icon at the top left of our pages has some powerful features to help those with disabilities. For example, if you have a hard time reading click on the voice icon. Let the website read the page materials to you. If you have a hard time seeing click on the magnifier and swipe it across the words you want to read. For sound output adjustments, I have included some easy steps below. This literally takes less than a minute or two to complete and you’ll be listening to the words flow right off the page. Pretty Nifty don’t you think?

  1. Select the voice icon and just highlight the words on the page. Then listen to the website read them to you.
  2. If the voice is too soft or loud just turn down the volume on your computer. This is easy too. Just go to your utilities as pictured below.
  3. First, click on the Sound Effects Output, labeled 1. on the second graphic. Your PC will be labeled something like this.
  4. Second Graphic, go to the Output Volume Control. If you have a Mac it will look like this. On a PC it may have numbers or a slightly different-looking slider. Once you have adjusted the volume so you can comfortably hear go to the next step.
  5. Number 3 is simply clicking on the close button. Then you will be back to the first panel which you will need to close and continue listening.

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