Youth Counseling

At about the age of twelve, youth start to evaluate all the messages received from the significant people and events of their lives. “I am not good enough” or “I can never please you” or “I am all alone”, etc. are common lies believed. These messages can be real events or statements or just their perception.

Regardless, these messages are becoming their concrete beliefs about themselves, and it is very painful and confusing. This is compounded by a very confusing and hurtful world as well as the pressures to perform in school, sports, and the church.

God’s solution is for them to have knowledge of, and to be established, in their worth and identity in Christ and to live from His indwelling life. Our caring staff walk students through knowing who they are in Christ in a real and relevant way that is transformational.

We require parents to take the Grace Life Conference as part of the ministry process. This ministers to the parents and enables them to support their youth as they parent out of the newness of Christ’s life.