God isn’t good because He is good to me.

He is good because that is who He is.

God isn’t loving because He loves me.

He is loving because that is who He is.

God isn’t my healer because He has healed me.

He is my healer because that is who He is.

God isn’t the sum of what He does.

If I see Him only as what He does, then I fail to see Him as He truly is.

He isn’t the sum of my wants and needs.

He is the sum of everything.

If I fail to see that truth, then God becomes only what I momentarily need.

He becomes only a temporary fix in times of trouble.

I fail to see Him as my abiding Savior who has given me everything for life and godliness.

When I see all that He is, I see I have a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

When I see Him as He truly is, I know I have a constant abiding relationship that’s without end.

He is the very air I breath, to know Him is to be surrounded by the very essence of life.

His presence is so real that it seems like I could breathe deeply and somehow inhale more of Him.

Jesus is more important than what He does for me.

He is all things to me, not just a temporary fix, but my all in all, all-embracing, all-encompassing Father, Savior, and Holy Spirit.

What more could I want?

What more could I need?

For in Him, I have it all.

By Sharon Brink