Do you feel it? That knot of shame in your belly that swallows you whole and threatens to leave you hiding in the dark, alone? That feeling is the familiar grip of fear that God will look at my most recent fall from grace with disgust and condemnation. Yea, Yea, I know God says my sins are forgiven but there has to be a limit on how many times I can fail at the same thing before He gives up on me and moves on. I’m hopeless! I will never learn!

Unfortunately, for many believers there is a chasm between knowing their sins are forgiven and walking unashamedly into the presence of Abba Father who greets them with open arms and a loving embrace. If we dare to grovel before Him and beg forgiveness, we come hiding our face for fear our filth will be visible on our cheeks. So often though even groveling would get us too close to the flame of judgement so we “ghost” God. If I just don’t show up He won’t see me or my shame. I can keep Him at arm’s length long enough to clean up my act.  

The truth is there was a time when there was no throne of grace, only a throne of judgement. Before the blood of Christ satisfied and cleansed us from all of our sins, the wrath of God would have us entering a throne room where sin and failure would certainly produce shame. Praise Jesus! His blood and body have made it possible to enter the throne room with radiant eyes, beckoned forward by perfect love from a kind merciful Father. During your time of need, when you have sinned again or when you feel like you are never going to walk by faith or when you feel like God isn’t for you or with you, don’t avoid the throne room. Come as a child, trusting that the debt has been paid in full and that fear has no place in the presence of perfect love. 

Scripture clearly teaches us that because of Jesus’ sacrifice you are accepted and acceptable to God for all times and in all ways. Every sin, is paid in full.and the guilt and shame associated with it, have been borne in the body of Christ. In fact, Scriptures say that Jesus blood renders sin  “removed.” Jesus was judged so that you don’t have to be judged. When you enter the throne room be reminded that those who “looked to Him [and] were radiant, and their faces will never be ashamed.” Psalms 34:5

It is too good to be true! Not only are you greeted in the throne room with acceptance, understanding, and love, but you are enabled with supernatural ability to move ahead equipped to face whatever challenge or circumstance awaits you. Take a step! The Father is there with mercy to declare you not guilty, and  to give grace, a gift of Himself to be a source of strength, wisdom, clarity, and direction when the valleys and storms of life threaten to derail you. When you feel that fear creep into your belly, accept the invitation to “draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that [you] can receive mercy and find grace to help in [your] time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

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