If we misunderstand victory, we often don’t recognize true grace.  Too often, we view victory as the removal of trials and tribulations.  That is very unrealistic and minimizes the power of our inheritance in Christ.  Victory is responding to every circumstance according to the love and power of Christ through letting go of all confidence in our natural ability (flesh). Victory is trusting the supernatural grace of God to prevail. To live in the power and love of Christ, we cannot live from the power of the flesh.  On the cross, Jesus already won the victory over sin and death for us.  Because His death and resurrection included us, we have a new source of life called grace.  He ascended to the throne and left us to employ His victory.  We participate in that victory through the obedience of faith.  As we submit our lives and our actions to the Lordship of Christ, “God gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”  Victory is much more than the absence or removal of difficulties and struggles.


Victory is loving the unlovely. 

Victory is forgiving the unforgivable. 

Victory is praying for those who offend us.

Victory is serving others for their benefit alone.

Victory is persevering when things don’t change. 

Victory is blessing those who despitefully use us.

Victory is submitting to God’s timing and God’s will. 

Victory is listening instead of demanding to be heard. 

Victory is walking in the truth despite contradictory feelings.

Victory is putting the needs of others before our own needs. 

Victory is willing to be thought poorly of so that God is though well of.

Victory is obeying because you have no confidence in the power of the flesh.

Victory is renouncing every lie that raises itself up against the knowledge of God.