Marriage Counseling

We help couples to identity the #1 problem in marriage that causes isolation and the cause of frustration and conflict. From the perspective of how God created us and his purpose for marriage, communication and conflict resolution are presented in a simple, yet comprehensive way, that leads to revelation and understanding of not only the problem(s), but also God’s solution. We use unique visual diagrams and illustrations to help our couples “see” what God is showing them.

Usually, in the first session, couples start to understand what is hindering joy and peace in their marriage and they often experience a new sense of hope. Progressively, they individually come to understand how the beliefs and any unresolved pain brought into the marriage are affecting their daily walk with their spouse.

As you learn how to walk in the “new and living way” of Christ as life, you will be able to receive your spouse as blessing. Throughout the sessions, God knits your hearts together with a new compassion and love for each other.