Our staff presents Christ-centered Biblical solutions by entirely relying on the word of God, trusting the Holy Spirit, the Great Counselor, to set the captive free, heal the hurting, and establish all in His peace and empowering life.

Our passion and desire are to see all of our clients and students experience freedom and healing as they come to know who they are in Christ and who Christ is in them.

What is Christian Counseling?

We rely on the Word and the Holy Spirit, the Great Counselor, to do the renewing work of ministry. We use visual illustrations, life mapping, handouts, diagrams, mentoring, and prayer.  As clients and students exchange the lies for the truth and the self-life for Christ's life, Christ is formed in them through the knowledge that they are already complete in Christ.  Then they begin to experience lasting freedom and peace.

Based on the messages you received from the significant adults or events of your life, you formed conclusions about yourself, God, others, and even life. Those conclusions form your belief system, which inevitably includes lies. Rarely are we aware of these deeply held beliefs (lies) because we intellectually know the truth. Furthermore, it is hard to see how these lies are playing out within us and influencing all of your emotions, decisions, and relationships without another believer guiding us through the process.  Our staff helps you identify lies and exchanging them for the truth by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Often we tell ourselves, or others tell us, the truth. This only puts the truth on top of existing lies. Hearing the truth can bring some immediate comfort, but rarely does it last. It certainly does not teach you to stand and walk in the truth. Schedule an appointment today and experience lasting transformation and peace.

Discipling at Life Center

Each person, couple, or family meets with a staff member who is called of God and trained in the Exchanged Life truths and methods of ministry. We offer sliding scale rates based on income. Clients meet every other week or weekly for 1.5 hours, depending on needs and circumstances. Expect the Holy Spirit to bring illumination, conviction, and insight into every area of life. As you let God have His way with you, you will experience lasting transformation, healing, and freedom.

Traditional counseling often attempts to change or alter behavior or emotions through intellectual understanding, will-power, and behavior modification. Traditional counseling depends on soulish management instead of the working of the Holy Spirit in conjunction with the willingness of the client. Our confidence is not in what man can do, but in what God has already done!


How is Life Center successful in helping people?

Success is measured by how Jesus Christ transforms lives, not what Life Center can do. Some of the evidence that we look for are:

  • A transformation from a defeated self-life into a victorious Christ-life evidenced in their lifestyle.
  • Peace and new hope and confidence even when outer circumstances haven't changed
  • A new love for others as evidence through a gradual reduction of conflict and frustration in relationships
  • The client's testimony of transformation, healing, and empowerment.
  • A desire to share the same truth that set them free with others.


Knowing the truth sets you free;

Sharing the truth sets others free!